Bragging Rights: Anh "The Angel" Fairtex vs Jongsanan "Woodenman" Muay Thai Public Event October 18 2012


Fairtex Newark is proud and excited to announce an EPIC exhibition match for bragging rights between two legendary fighters: Anh "The Angel" Fairtex vs Jongsanan "Woodenman” El Nino. We cordially invite you all, trainers, and students alike, to join us for this very special event which promises to further strengthen the brotherhood and sisterhood between our gyms and their respective members. 


This sparring battle between cross-town rival legends and friends is particularly special given that the storied careers of these two special fighters are so intertwined in history. They both moved up through the ranks with each other at Fairtex Bangplee Camp in the late 80’s, eventually learning under the tutelage of the same trainer, the great Monlit Sipodang. While Anh was the first to enjoy success and notoriety throughout the MuayThai community as a special talent in the ring, Jongsanan – nicknamed the “buffalo head” for his stubborn, unrelenting style of fighting – soon also caught the public eye with success of his own. The two Muay Thai brothers trained together until Jongsanan decided to join Ganyao, Bunkered, and Enn as a fighter and trainer overseas at Fairtex in the US in 1998; Anh did the same in 2008. Their careers having come full-circle here in the Bay Area, we have the privilege to witness the two of them in the same ring together for a memorable bout for the ages. 


To the Muay Thai and Fight Community - SPACES LIMITED! CALL TO RSVP!


Fairtex Muay Thai Fitness Newark is proud to announce the event of the CENTURY! Fairtex Muay Thai Fitness Newark will be hosting “Bragging Rights” event on Saturday, October 20th, 2012. Come witness the exclusive exhibition fight between Anh “The Angel” Fairtex and Jongsanan “The Woodenman” Chaiyasen. 


This once in a lifetime event will include an interative sparring seminar that will be hosted by four of the most legendary Muay Thai trainers of all time. Please join us for a chance to train with: 

Anh “The Angel” Fairtex 

Jongsanan “The Woodenman” Chaiyasen 

Enn “The Quiet Storm” Janthakhun 

Ganyao “Dr. Knee” Arunleung 

Call to RSVP to this event. RSVP ASAP as this event will sell out soon! 


Seminar participants must have sparring experience. Fairtex staff has the right to refuse individual from participating in the seminar if individual is not compliant with rules of the gym. All participants must fill out waiver to participate. Must be 18 years or older. Full gear is required to participate in event. Full gear includes: head gear, shin guards, mouthpiece, 16 oz boxing gloves, and cup. 

Fairtex Muay Thai Fitness Newark 

5757 Stevenson Blvd. 

Newark CA 94560 



Date: Saturday, October 20, 2012 

Event begins noon to 3pm 


Seminar fee: $40 

Spectator fee: $10